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The winner of

productive idea 2020 contest

 library of


World’s best education and innovations
are coming from Finland

The Library of Robotics is a concept developed at Loimaa Keskuskoulu in Finland. It's an innovation where students have the opportunity to study robotics, coding and programming throughout the comprehensive school, right from the first grade.

With the Loimaa's Library of Robotics  each school doesn’t need to acquire the equipment by themselves - they can borrow the equipment from the common Library.

Library of Robotics has been implemented in cooperation with the local business community  as they have seen the innovation as an significant investment in the future talents of the region.

This Library of Robotics idea is completely unique both in Finland and elsewhere in the world. That’s why it won the Productive Idea 2020 competition organized by JCI Finland


In cooperation


City of Loimaa

Loimaa is a lively town in Finland surrounded by idyllic countryside and nature. Ca. 16.000 inhabitants live easy going and safe life enjoying diverse services, good career options and intresting freetime possibilities.


Loimaa is also worth to visit and spend holiday!



Novida is a high-quality international vocational  and general upper secondary education and training centre.

PNG_Novida_2017_sininen_30092020 (1).png

Loimaa Chamber of Commerce is part of the Turku Chamber of Commerce and covers Loimaa region with over 80 member companies. Throughout the 70 years the Loimaa Chamber has developed the Loimaa region as an interesting location and has been involved in the development of the business environment in many ways. Chambers of Commerce in Finland are organisations consisting of companies working together to improve all areas of industrial and commercial life.

loimaan kauppakamariosasto.jpg

Loimaa Chamber of Commerce


Pemamek Ltd. is a Finnish family-owned company designing and manufacturing welding automation solutions. With the 50-year-long experience and engineering embedded in our DNA, PEMA solutions represent the powerful fusion of intelligent technology and welding expertise.

PEMAMEK 50years logo_Gold.png


Loimaa Junior Chamber of Commerce, or short JCI Loimaa, offers its members a platform for improving one’s working life skills: we connect local actors and offer the chance to develop oneself within an active network. JCI is a non-profit, non-governmental organization for young professionals under age of 40. There are members in well over 100 countries. 

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